Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Winter

Published on 12/30/2019
Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Winter

Make Your Home Feel Extra Cozy This Winter

During the winter months when the weather is bitter and cold, there’s no better feeling than coming home to a warm and cozy house. It’s so relaxing to be able to get home and feel the relief from the cold outside. Making your home feel cozy takes some effort, but it’s more than worthwhile. Not to mention, it’s not a difficult thing to do – or particularly expensive! So, if you want to spruce up your house this winter and make it more homey and inviting, keep reading for great tips on how to do so!

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Nothing says warmth like pillows and blankets! It’s nice to have some pillows and blankets on the couch to curl up with. Feel free to play it up with different textures. From faux-fur to cable knit, different fabrics can make all the difference in the feel of a room.


Naturally, candles are great for the winter since they literally warm the room. Of course, they are more so for aesthetic purposes, but all the same, they give a room a warm glow. As it is, there isn’t much daylight during the winter, so making your home a little warmer and brighter will make it feel very inviting.

Fairy Lights

This is pretty much the same idea as candles, only without fire. Small lights on a string of any kind can have a similar effect as candles and give the room a warm glow. As long as the lights aren’t too bright, so they don’t make the room look colder rather than warmer. Feel free to string some lights around items in any room for a lovely decorative touch.


Of course, in the winter the floors can get very, very cold. Get your hands on a large or a few small rugs. The softer, the better. No more walking around and feeling your toes freeze!


If you’re looking for something more decorative rather than functional, you can always pick up a print or two to hang up. A nice touch to any room is a typography-style poster. It’s simple and elegant, plus you can have anything written on it!


While decor in the summer is typically more colorful, in the winter, sticking to neutrals is best. It creates a more muted look, which can add to the cozy effect of a room. You can always add a pop of color if you’d like, seeing as neutrals go with anything.


This one is obviously only relevant to those who have a fireplace in their home. However, if you do happen to have one, decorating it for the winter can make a major difference in the room. You can place all sorts of decorative items on the mantle, from family photos to a wreath or even some sort of garland hanging across it.