These Are The Most Dangerous Things In Your Home

Published on 10/13/2021

Homes are meant to be a place that provides safety and security for all members of the family. However, unfortuntely, there are many objects and items that cause many injuries and are highly dangerous. Take a closer look at the most hazardous and things in your home.

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These Are The Most Dangerous Things In Your Home


When it comes to the most common house-related accidents, falling is actually ranked number two cause of accidental death. Additionally, when people fall at home, most of the time it is caused by stairs. Statistics show that over a million people visit emergency rooms each year after sustaining injuries by falling on stairs. There are numerous ways to make your stairs safer within your home, it’s highly recommended that you install both good lighting and handrails. This is especially necessary if you have young children or elderly people living with you. Some experts also suggest installing baby gates at the top and bottom of the staircase.


This next one may seem quite obvious to some people, and sadly not only do bathtubs cause many serious injuries but they are also the cause of deaths in children. In actual fact, bathtubs are considered to be one of the most dangerous things in one’s home. Why? Well, because drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children every year. However, thankfully prevention is easy! So make sure to keep an eye on your kids while it’s bath time.


Not many people know but clothes dryers can pose some serious danger. Not only are they small enough for children to fit inside but they are also a major fire hazard. Heat and a lack of good airflow make them especially dangerous when they aren’t maintained well. To help reduce the risk of a fire from a clothes dryer, it’s so important to make your lint catcher is free from lint. Additionally, you want to be aware of the air duct connected to your dryer. If your unit is too close to the wall, this could obstruct the flow of air which ultimately can also lead to a fire.


A lot of parents rely on humidifiers for the whole family. However, the truth is that they are probably doing a lot more damage than good, especially if you’re not cleaning it properly. After some time, humidifiers can easily grow mold which can cause many problems specifically for people with allergies and asthma. If this isn’t dealt with soon, bacteria is then directly blown into your lungs which can then cause major infections and other health problems. Changing the water regularly and cleaning your humidifier should be enough to do the trick. But if you’re still having problems, try switching to distilled water too.

Gas Fireplace

Generally speaking, all types of fireplaces pose several risks for families, But, it is said that gas fireplaces are a lot more dangerous, especially for young children and pets. Besides the fact that fireplaces can cause serious burn injuries for any family member, there is also a risk of nearby objects catching a light which naturally can lead to a house fire. So take note and never leave a fireplace unattended.


This next one may not cross too many people’s minds, but it really is so important to keep in mind when it comes to safety in the home. Bookshelves can be a big hazard for families with small children. Children and even animals tend to try to climb them and if the bookshelf is unstable, it can fall over and injure someone. Even if the bookshelf is somewhat stable, children can try to climb it and fall on their own, and badly injure themselves. To reduce the risk of injury, make sure the bookshelf is secure to the wall. You can place screws and brackets, to ensure it is stable.