Smart Tips To Keep Your Laundry Room Super Organized

Published on 05/20/2021

Whether we like it or not, laundry is just completely unavoidable. Now, while there are many different tips and tricks when it comes to helping us with this tedious weekly chore, sometimes it just seems that something else is missing. To make laundry days run a lot more smoothly, one of the best things to do is always have an organized laundry room. This may seem pretty straightforward to some, but oftentimes this essential tip is overlooked. It doesn’t matter how large or small the space may be. Here’s a look at some brilliant yet practical options to help keep your laundry room organized. Everything from DIY to store-bought accessories, laundry day will soon be become much more exciting – trust us!

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Smart Tips To Keep Your Laundry Room Super Organized

Use Your Washing Machine’s Exterior

This definitely one of the best tips when it comes to organizing your laundry room. Maximizing all the space you have is essential, this is why we suggest that you also use the exterior of your washing machine for storage. Simply hang a bin to the sides of your machine to ensure that you have exactly what you need at any given moment. It’s better to opt for something that can easily be removed and cleaned, yet still serves a great purpose.

Label Everything

We all know that nothing looks neater than items that are perfectly labeled. So, when it comes to organizing your laundry room, labels are ultimately your best friend. You can choose between small yet adorable chalkboard labels so you can easily rewrite them when needed, or if you want to go all out you can get printed labels. Now some of you may be thinking, why do I need labels when I know exactly where everything is? Well firstly, experts suggest that this definitely screams organization and you never just know who might be helping you out on laundry day next.

Keep Your Laundry Products In One Place

It is so impressive that all your laundry products are kept in one place, whether it be stain removers, dryer sheets, or laundry detergent. There are so many options available for storage so there are no more excuses as to why things are left lying around in random places. One of the best ways to keep products organized is by placing them in a small cupboard, if this is not an option, baskets or shelves will work too.

Hang a Pegboard Wall

We all know how easily the laundry room can become a real mess. To avoid this problem you can simply attach a big pegboard to a blank wall where all your cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items can be hung. The is super if you’re the kind of person who prefers things to be readily available and nearby. We love this idea as it is so unique yet incredibly smart.

Separate Clothes By Color

This last tip is definitely one of our favorites as it can be done by the whole family, even young kids. All you need is two laundry baskets, one for white clothes and a separate one for dark or colored clothes. This will also without a doubt make laundry days so much easier.