Fun Florals To Add To Your Landscape

Published on 02/13/2020

Trying to brighten your garden a bit this season? Well, we have the perfect plants for you to introduce a bit of fresh color into your landscape. These beautiful florals will brighten your yard and just create such a fun look overall.

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Fun Florals To Add To Your Landscape

Sweat Pea

This spring-blooming floral is fragrant and gives accents of pastel colors to brighten anyone’s day- with its pinks, purples, and whites this plant grows up to 3-feet and will simply put a smile on your face. This flower will give your landscape an Italian feel with its origins being Italian and Cyprian and gives an abundant look at the same time.

VIBE ‘Ignition Purple’

This Salvia and jamensis hybrid is not only fun but rather electric in color. “Vibe” is really the right word to use as this spring and summer bloomer will fill your flower borders and can handle intense heats. This will bring life to your garden as it feeds bees, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Vibrant and an attraction.


This herb is our favorite. With its magnificent fragrance and abundant feel, it will transport your landscape into the countryside in a minute. Lavender does attract a lot of bees but the lush herb is well worth it. The best part is being able to use it around the household and even in a bath every now and again. It is also easy to grow and great used in a sock drawer.

Moch Orange

This is a more subtle take on florals with its clear-white flower that has a yellow center, you cannot help but feel at ease with these. The bush commands a lot of attention when in bloom and can reach up to 10 feet. We suggest planting this close to your patio or near a driveway so that it can be easily encountered and add that extra oomph to your landscape.