A 2020 Beginners Guide To Indoor Plants

Published on 03/18/2020

Not everyone is gifted with a green thumb, but it is definitely easy to develop good gardening skills and help your indoor plants grow well. Indoor plants are a beautiful, fun way for you to decorate your indoor spaces. They also great for the air quality in your home and are for sure a mood enhancer.  Although there are many factors in keeping your plants alive and healthy, as you may be just beginner you want to choose a plant that is easy to take care of but will also look amazing in your home. Below are some of the best indoor plants for newbies who are looking to become successful houseplant enthusiasts.

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A 2020 Beginners Guide To Indoor Plants

Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is not only an easy to care for plant but is also great for purifying the air and greening up your space. Snake plants are able to survive weeks without water and do not need a lot of direct sunlight, this makes the perfect plant for anyone who can never remember to water their plants.

Spider Plants

With long, thin leaves arching delicately over containers, the spider plant makes an awesome hanging plant. One of the most popular houseplants as it is an easy plant to grow. Although they do prefer sunlight, they are able to survive in varied light conditions. The snake plant is without a doubt a plant you can keep alive!

ZZ Plants

This is a really fun plant that is basically indestructible since they are capable of surviving in diverse environments and conditions. The ZZ Plant does tolerate low light but will grow best in brighter spaces.  This plant is a definite must-have for the rookie plantsman.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a plant that thrives in almost any light conditions but does not do well in cooler air conditions.  The soil should be kept moist at all times but not soaking wet. The lucky bamboo also makes fantastic gifts, and many people believe they bring good luck.

Peace Lily

This delicate looking plant is amongst the most effortless plants to grow indoors. They only need a fair amount of both water and light to survive. Peace lily plants are very often popular in both the home and office. They do not only brighten up your space but are superb at cleaning the air they are placed in