These Are The Best Landscape Design Software Programs To Use In 2022

Published on 04/20/2022

Landscape design software programs were once primarily utilized by professionals in the landscaping sector to create and design landscaping projects. These software applications are now available to people, landscaping hobbyists, and DIYers as well as professionals.

There are certain crucial aspects to bear in mind when selecting landscape design software. You’ll probably want to go with one that offers a free sample or trial period so you can make sure it meets your requirements. Because many of these programs are only accessible for usage on one operating system, you’ll want to pick one that’s compatible with your device. If you’re ready to purchase landscape design software, we’ve compiled a list of the top solutions below.

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Shutterstock 370595594



SmartDraw has templates for designing gardens, patios, decks, and backyards, among other things. The software is suitable for both residential and commercial establishments, and it is compatible with the majority of operating systems. You can also try it out for free.

The company’s interface is simple to use, offering a variety of templates and samples to work with. There’s also a library with hundreds of symbols and forms, such as trees, grass, sprinkler systems, and so on, that you can drag and drop into your design.

Using the SmartDraw folder-sharing tool or any other sharing platform such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, many users can work on the same project. SmartDraw’s sharing link function makes it simple to submit your ideas to others.

Most PC and Mac operating systems are supported by the software. For one user, the SmartDraw Online Edition costs roughly $120 per year, or you may purchase a package for five or more users for $357 per year.


VizTerra allows you to create a landscape layout in 2D before quickly converting it to 3D. Because the final 3D result is entirely interactive, it’s perfect for presentations. The software does not require an internet connection to use, and it comes with a free trial.

The Smart Library has everything you might desire in a landscape design, including the ability to drag & drop 3D objects into your design. You may quickly browse categories like trees, plants, decking, and furnishings to create your ideal yard. You can also design in stages if you aren’t planning a whole landscape remodel, and you can estimate material costs as you go. After you’ve finished your project, you can exhibit it in photo mode or as an immersive film with sound.

VizTerra costs $97 a month, with a one-time setup fee of $95 for new users, with the option to upgrade for more design features. An annual membership that is bought in advance costs roughly $997.


With its simple smartphone software, iScape is swiftly transforming the landscape design industry. The program’s immersive design features make it simple to plan your next project—and you can do it all from your iPhone.

The “envision and plan” function in Scape helps users visualize their ideas and build projects more quickly, while the “sharing” option allows you to interact with others more effortlessly. Users can buy many of the plants, trees, furniture, and yard accessories they add to their landscape design directly within the app, which sets iScape apart from other software.

Most iOS devices, including iPhone 6s and higher, as well as 5th generation iPads and higher, are compatible with the program. The program is free to download, but you’ll need to upgrade to iScape Pro, which costs $29.99 per month, to use all of the features.

PRO Landscape

PRO Landscape allows you to build landscape designs on a tablet just as easily as on a computer. Its multi-device access lets users install the software on two computers and a tablet through the app.

The photo imaging tool in PRO Landscape allows you to use real-time images of the property you’re designing. There’s also a library of over 18,000 additional photos, as well as computer-aided design (CAD) software for creating scaled layouts.

For Android and Apple tablets, the PRO Landscape Companion app is available. Licenses cost roughly $1,500 per person, however you can check it out for free before you buy. A 60-day money-back guarantee is included with every purchase.

Best Overall: SmartDraw
Best for 3D Design: VizTerra
Best for iOS Devices: iScape
Best for Tablets: PRO Landscape