Create An Insta-Worthy Table With These Tips

Published on 02/24/2020

If you’re having people over for dinner, ditch the plastic plates and paper napkins; we’re throwing an epic dinner party that screams sophisticated and enchanting at the same time. We’re talking candles, fine china, flowers, and place cards- who’s in? Read on for tips to pull off the perfect table for your next get together. Prepare yourself for the endless compliments!

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Create An Insta-Worthy Table With These Tips

Tips For A Gorgeous Table

  1. Choose china that goes well with the food you’re serving. Everything looks good on white china, so we think that’s your best bet. If you love color we recommend buying china with a simple pattern so that you get your dose of pizazz but the food is still the focus.
  2. Stock up on extra soup bowls; they can hold soup (of course), salads, chips…pretty much anything you choose!
  3. Large wine glasses and glass mugs are perfect for informal dining and they’re super versatile. Serve water, wine, juice or soda in them for a generous sip yet classy feel.
  4. Tablecloths are a must but the style or material is your choice. A table covering gives your eating area a sense of warmth and it’ll warm the elbows of the elbow eaters!
  5. Cloth napkins are a quick and easy way to add color to your table. Don’t be afraid to mix colors in a napkin ring or alternate colors between place settings.
  6. We love when flowers adorn a dining table but there are a few imperative rules to follow: make sure you don’t choose anything too tall or bushy, we want to be able to see our guests!
  7. Name tags are an extra that really adds a sense of personalization to the table. Your guests will feel special and you can make sure grandma doesn’t sit anywhere near the new boyfriend!