The Most Luxurious Hotels Around The Globe

Published on 08/31/2020

There are times for everything in this life. We should experience everything that the world has to offer at least once. There will be times at which you will rather go camping and contemplate the beautiful stars and times when you will want a five-star service by staying in one of the most luxurious hotels around the world. In other words, becoming part of the elite and experiencing the lifestyle of the rich. Worry not, in here you will find a list of the most luxurious hotels around the world, increasing the chances that your dream city will have one of them.

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The Most Luxurious Hotels Around The Globe


Mardan Palace, Turkey

Mardan Palace is known to be the most expensive luxury resort in all of Europe. It is located in Antalya with a cost of around $1.4 billion. The hotel has more than 560 rooms and it includes a 12.000 sq ft spa, 4 aquariums, 5 acres of the pool, and more incredible a personal beach for the guests with sand imported from Egypt! The hotel is very cozy and decorated with exotic wood, velvet furniture, and marble bathroom interiors.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

This is currently the seventh-tallest hotel in the world, and its shape represents the sail of an Arabian dhow. It is so extravagant that even if the hotel is officially a 5-star hotel, most of the people referred to it as a seven-star hotel. Not only it has a pillow menu with 9 different types of pillows but also 24-carat gold leaf and Hermes luxuries in each suit. Guests are shown around the city in the chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce service.

Atlantis Paradise, Bahamas

Without a doubt, Atlantis Paradise is one of the most beautiful hotels in the Caribbean. The hotel includes a water park, golf course, multiple restaurants and pools, a gym, tennis courts… This hotel is ideal for couples as it is for families. It offers many different activities for the little ones and for the adults throughout the day.

Emirates Palace, Abu Dhabi

Its golden exterior has views of the shores of the Arabian Gulf. This hotel jas 1.3 km of private beach, worldwide cuisines, even a private marina and coral rooms with garden views. The hotel portrays the Arabain culture at its best by using a three-billion-dollar structure.

The Plaza, New York City

The famous Plaza that was witness to many scenes of Gossip Girl has been one of the most precious milestones since 1969. It has over 100 years that the hotel greets guests from everywhere around the world (including Hollywood royalty and world leaders). The lucky guests staying at this hotel will have the honor of being located in Manhattan.

The Palms, Las Vegas

Situated in the unique Vegas, The Palms offers a wide array of services and takes pride in the fact that they have a very particular design. It is one if not the most notorious hotel and casino in Las Vegas with a budget of around $690 million. The lobby includes pieces of art from Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat, a rooftop nightclub…